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 Our Story

A photograph of the two Hive founders.

The Hive was born of a chance encounter at a 10-day Vipassana meditation course in Joshua Tree. The two quickly became friends and decided to try their hand at opening a restaurant together. They wanted the insights they had gained meditating to permeate the business. It had to be someplace healthy, that radiated positivity, where both team members and customers could grow through community.


During their journey, they found the human element to be one of the most fulfilling. Could the Hive be an incubator for growth, the last restaurant job any team member would have, a springboard for their future? By ditching scripts and uniforms and empowering individuals to “bee themselves”, The Hive works to make that a reality.  The mission is to foster growth, both internally and externally, and to create a community for betterment.

Hive Logo
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