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Assortment of warm, hearty, healthy superfood bowls. Chicken, salmon, and vegan options.



overhead photo of cold superfood bowls and juices


Healthy, Quick, Delicious

The Hive is a superfood café serving our community with healthy bowls, wraps, smoothies, and coffee. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for speed or health for flavor. From our world-famous creamy acai bowls to our hearty warm bowls, we balance macronutrients and portion sizes to optimize your health. We offer options for all diets and fitness goals, from vegan to omnivore, from leaning out to packing on muscle. The “dirty dozen” is organic and our chicken and salmon are ethically sourced. We sneak in beneficial superfoods like blue spirulina and hemp seeds into our dishes to enhance the positive impact to your health.

The Experience

Colors, Flavors, Smiles

Our vision is to create an oasis of authenticity, an incubator of progress, where both team members and guests are inspired to develop as humans. As a beehive helps the surrounding ecosystem grow, we help our communities flourish. Everywhere The Hive goes, we want to pollinate positivity and progress. We serve healthy, accessible fare for all, and we do it with a smile.  We make a positive impact on our guests’ health and mood, so they may pay it forward and make a positive impact on others. This is why our locations are filled with immersive, colorful art. We hope you are uplifted by the whole of your experience with us.

bee yourself wall mural in Marina Del Rey
superfood matcha green bowl, dragonfruit bowl, superfood smoothies at The Hive

Creamy. Organic. Delicious. 

ACAI Bowls

Hive Santa Monica Cold Case and Friendly Staff


Everyday I'm Hustlin'

Our culture is based around the Hive Five: Accountability, Growth, Authenticity, Focus, and Kindness. If you are an intrinsically motivated person with a great attitude, The Hive is the place to bee yourself. We don't do uniforms or scripts. Customer experience is our #1 priority. We always promote from within our family. In fact, someone who started as a dishwasher now runs the whole operation. You'll get what you give. If this sounds right for you, fill out an online application by clicking the button below.

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