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To make the best juice and food, you have to use the best ingredients. Since we pride ourselves on making the healthiest beverages in town, we go organic whenever possible.


Everything we make is special. We combine ancient health wisdom and modern scientific research to provide you with food and drinks targeted towards making you feel and look your best.


Make The Hive part of your daily routine and you’ll look and feel better than ever. From pre-work to post-workout, we have your back for a quick and healthy fuel solution.


If you’re here, you probably know that drinking “healthy” juice filled with pesticides isn’t all that healthy. That’s why we use all organic products in our beverages, but then again, we don’t stand alone in this regard. The Hive is unique in that we never dilute our ingredients, leaving the full nutritional benefits intact. We blend, juice, and mix with integrity. To give you that extra edge, we’ve teamed up with Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs and Anima Mundi Apothecary and curated one Los Angeles’s largest selections of herbs, powders, and tinctures for you to benefit from.

For our food, we’ve partnered with New York Times bestselling author and superfood Chef Julie Morris to bring you healthy vegan options among the variety of selectively omnivorous choices on our menu. We’ve done our best to make our offerings as delicious as possible! But we urge you to go beyond the mindblowing and highly addictive flavors. Be conscious. Remain aware of your body’s sensations. Feel the difference and, above all, bee yourself.

"The bee is more honored than the other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others."


"Let food be thy medicine..."

Hippocrates (As a healthy restaurant, we are obligated to post this overused quote)


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